Belt tests are the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned, including a mastery of all required skills at their current belt level.  Although not required for belt promotion, students also have the opportunity to demonstrate focus, confidence, and strength through board breaking.  Families are welcome and encouraged to attend belt test proceedings, which represent a significant milestone for students at all levels.  Rate of progress is individualized, and promotion to the next belt level is earned and not based simply on the passage of time in training. 


THE NEXT BELT TEST date is TBD at 9:00 AM for lower belts (testing for yellow or orange) and 10:00 AM for upper belts (testing for green belt and above) at Two Rivers PCS Middle School Gymnasium (1234 4th St. NE; street parking available). You must complete the brief registration form and online payment below to participate in this belt test. Those testing for black belts will do so by appointment, NOT at this test.