Young Warriors Karate 
& Self-Defense

REGISTER NOW  for large group classes for children offered on-site at select DC elementary schools and at the Hill Center in Washington D.C.  Check out our  SUMMER CAMP options. Contact us for private and small group lessons, where we come to you!

Beginning Karate

Students age five and above will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Shorin-Ryu karate and gain strength, balance, coordination and confidence in a small group environment. White and yellow belts will learn the basics in a fun, practical way, while building a foundation that will prepare them to earn advanced belts in the future. Progress is individualized and uniforms are required.  Sensei Patrick provides a safe and structured environment for children to learn and grow.


Karate & Self-Defense

Students age 6 and older will have the opportunity to learn Shorin-ryu karate, earning belts at an individualized rate of progress as they develop advanced skills in kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). Students will practice various punches, kicks, blocks and strikes with instructors, and they may demonstrate their progress at a belt testing ceremony at the end of the session. In a safe, structured, FUN environment, your child will hone essential life skills including discipline, focus, strength, coordination, confidence and respect.


Advanced Karate / Young Warriors Competition Team Practice

Current students, orange belt and above (or by invitation), can obtain advanced instruction in kata (forms), kumite (sparring), and kobudo (weapons).  Students in this class will be prepared for ongoing sports karate tournament and international travel opportunities.  This is a mixed belt level class available to students ages six and above who are concurrently training with Sensei Patrick at least one other day per week in classes or private instruction.

Want Young Warriors at your school, church, or other community location?

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